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Graduate Fashion Week – Outcome Summer 2013

Photo 05-06-2013 15 59 40
Hey Guys,
As I promised I will update you all with all the news from Graduate Fashion Week. I visited the exhibition and took photographs of the best garments I saw. I also watched “Best of Graduate Fashion Week” live fashion show and it was absolutely amazing! I found it very hard to take clear images because there was so much light but I will include everything I saw in the article.

Starting with the catwalk I literally saw everything. The show started by a space theme, menswear. This was a black them with goggles, high-wasted pants with over sized long sleeve tops and face masks! followed this was an over sized jumpsuits with florescent yellows & oranges coming through the back. The collection was very unique, quirky and very much costume like.

The next collection I saw was trapeze shaped garments. Womenswear: Dresses, knee length pleated skirts with different shades of grey running through them. Each model wore a white cap on her head, it was a primary school girl kind of outfit! Interesting.

The following collection also womenswear, had a very romantic look to it. The textiles were beautiful, floral with shades of grey, navy, dark green and brown. The garments were straight forward including shirts, trousers and over sized hareem pants. The textiles excited me the most in this collection.

Following this collection was meanswear, a really unique collection. It was made up of a skirts, long formal jackets, short-sleeve shirts with long sleeve worn underneath it. It was very different to the usual menswear look.

Another collection was womenswear, it consisted of barbie like dresses, skirts and jackets with bright colours such as pink, yellow, green and blue. There were different types of fabrics involved. from wool to metals to glitter it was just beautifully picked and made!

Other incredible garments I saw included digital print, leather, wrapped knitwear, trapeze shaped jackets for menswear and over sized shapes.

The photographs attached to this article were the garments from the exhibition not the catwalk

Photo 05-06-2013 15 53 30
Photo 05-06-2013 17 11 58
Photo 05-06-2013 17 15 58
Photo 05-06-2013 17 17 01
Photo 05-06-2013 17 17 04
Photo 05-06-2013 17 20 38
Photo 05-06-2013 17 21 11
Photo 05-06-2013 17 24 56

. Sequence, glitter, mosaic prints
. Oversized shapes, pointy shapes
. zigzag prints, oversized prints
. lasercutting in unique places, lasercutting buttons rather than actual buttons
. layering of garments
. Bright colours
. Pleats
. Trapeze shapes
. Overlaying of Digital print
. Subtraction pattern cutting
. Intense pleating

This is definitely something you should see next year!

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