Heatpress / Textiles

Heatpress onto fabric

So here is something interesting, I was surprised that this worked out well. I painted onto an A3 plain photocopy paper and I used water to make the inks bleed. Firstly, draw with water a line downwards onto the paper, while the area is wet place a dot of ink and the ink will bleed. I used this technique and did straight lines and as you see in the picture that is what it looked like in the end. After leaving it to dry, I place a fabric piece in the heatpress at 175 degrees for 20 seconds the colours transferred onto the fabrics (synthetics work best). I repeated this onto the whole piece of fabric and I ended with a ” digitally printed” looking metre of fabric, I saved £97 on digital prints as times are so hard being a student! You should give it a go



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