Techniques / Textiles

Flocking and Foiling techniques


Here is a quick tutorial on how to do the flocking (velvet texture)and foiling technique. At the end of this post you will find a list of everything you need. After screen printing an image, I used an old painting brush to spread the flocking glueevenly on the parts where I wanted the flocking/foiling to stick. In the above image, I used flocking (A4 Sheet, you can get these frm ebay or craft stores), cut pieces of flocking to fit the areas you spread glue on and take it to the heatpress. Place the image upright and leave it in for 20 seconds. Afte this is done leave the image on the side to cool down, remove the pieces of flock you will find the velvet parts have come off the sheet onto the screen printed image. Foiling is used in the exact way, Different coloured sheets can be purchased in silver, gold, and lots more funky images.

What you need: Your chosen screen printed image, Flock/Foil sheets, Flocking/Foiling Glue (These can be purchased from ebay), scissors, an old paint brush and heatpress. Any questions please ask!

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