Draping / Techniques

Digital Drape

Photo 15-11-2012 12 54 47

Photo 15-11-2012 13 03 15

Photo 15-11-2012 13 03 49

Photo 15-11-2012 13 04 12

These images have been projected onto a white board and a maneqquin. This process is called “Digital drape” Its very useful for both Fashion and Textiles:

1) An image can give you a direction to the construction of the garment
2) Great for when you dont know where to place your textiles

My images are taken from the previous photoshoot, as I wanted to create a draped garment it gave me ideas for where the draped parts to be. This way I have projected a couple of images to get a whole collection of different draped garments, Clever.

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