Dye Technique

Dyeing Techniques

Photo 21-02-2013 22 47 21
I decided to experiment with some fabric dye, I used Pinterest to search for some techniques and I was interested in the rubber band technique – Often called “Shibori” I used a plain white men’s shirt and manipulated the size into my size. Then (No specific measurments as I was only testing) I got a jug, put in some fabric dye (Found in wilkinsons, fabric shops and online) then added wated and mixed it. Gloves should be worn due to staining. I got my shirt and grabbed little bits of fabric and tied around every part with a rubber band very tightly. I did this to all the different parts (Randomly) and placed the wrapped shhirt into the jug making sure all parts are soaked. After half an hour or so (using gloves) I pulled out the shirt and cut off all the bands and finally washed it with cold water. The above image shows how the shirt turned out to be. Its lighter than what it actually looks like however, the darker you want it the longer you should keep it in. It created some real cool patterns, I will use this sample to add embellishement to which will give it a very unique look 🙂
Note: For accurate measurments and minutes please refer to the back of the dye packet.
Dye: Dylon

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